Product Recall Crisis Management

Product Recalls are expensive and have the potential to destroy brand reputation, trust and goodwill if not planned and executed correctly.

A Product Recall is a type of crisis that offers unique ethical, logistical, legal, communication and management decision making challenges. This information-filled one – day workshop is designed to give your organization that professional edge when dealing with a crisis such as a product recall.

Why this event?

  1. This is an unique event that will enable participants to benchmark their company’s strategies and operating procedures on how to recall a in a manner that would be befitting of the organization reputation.
  2. The workshop addresses ethical, managerial, operational,  legal, communication and reputational challenges that may arise during and after a recall.
  3. As professional managers in today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is important that we continually “acquire” knowledge of the emerging new technology and operational techniques. It is even more important that we know how to apply this knowledge, especially during crisis situations.


Direct Benefits

Delegates that are part of this workshop will:

  • UNDERSTAND the compelling reasons for managing a product recall in a professional and ethical manner
  • LEARN the essential elements in planning for and managing a recall – Pre, During and Post
  • IDENTIFY and overcome potential problems that may prevent a smooth recall and reputation recovery after such an event
  • GROW a better understanding of risk management, quality control, crisis management and crisis communication
  • ASSESS AND BENCHMARK their company’s ability to respond to a crisis such as a recall
  • REDUCE the tangible and intangible costs of poor ethics, non-compliance and reputational risk
  • MASTER the practical tools, tips, checklists and techniques for a professional recall

What is unique about this event

  1. This workshop covers ethical, professional, legal, operational, managerial and communication aspects. The South African Consumer Protection Act places onerous responsibility on companies to recall faulty products in a manner that will cause no harm to the public. This implies detailed Crisis Management & Crisis Communication protocols that incorporates best practice thinking, crisis communication & logistical management. The challenges of dealing with a product recall is immense and resource challenging. Not only is there the challenges of dealing with the recall itself but the challenges of communicating with all stakeholders and minimizing reputational fallout is high.
  2. The issues in dealing with a recall goes back long before the actual recall event. Prior preparation, risk management, attention to quality and communication issues need to be addressed, and will be scrutinized if such a recall ever takes place. Since a recall is always a possibility despite of quality controls and risk management, companies are well advised to plan to handle potential recalls well in advance, as handling product recalls professionally can go a long way to safeguard reputation. The training includes detailed case studies that will test decision-making, communication,  organizing abilities and ethical responsibilities.
  3. This workshop is similar to a desktop simulation and will enable participants to make recommendations in their company on how to better manage reality and perceptual challenges that may arise from a product recall. As such this training is also useful for benchmarking and auditing purposes.
  4. The facilitator, Deon Binneman has more than 30 years crisis management & communication experience and has provided advice to companies in 13 countries. Recently, he advised the Department of Statistics during the 2011 Census on Crisis Management & Crisis Communication strategy and protocols.



R2995 exc. VAT per delegate. Group discount for 3 delegates or more available. This workshop can also be facilitated in-house for 6 delegates or more.

Register now to attend the workshop, limited seats only.

For tentative booking with NO obligation, kindly email me at with the nominees name and designation.

If you’d like to register by phone or have questions regarding the programs, please contact Deon Binneman at, 27 011 4753515 or on 083 425 4318.

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