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Maphefo Anno-Frempong, CEO of TETAThanks for making us reflect on the key issues of stakeholder management in the class. It was certainly valuable and spot on. I have been reading a book on the reasons CEOs fail – (they call it derailers) and stakeholder management is the make or break issue in all instances worldwide. I saw my own stakeholder engagements in a different light and I must say it has brought a difference in my own life. I experienced a positive spin off of the workshop for TETA yesterday. Noma and I planned last year to meet with all her stakeholders as one key stakeholder was leaving us for another SETA.

When we met to establish the reasons, he demonstrated the benefits for his organization that they would receive from the other SETA. So I called the key role-players in the sub-sector concerned and indicated the need for a closer partnership. We planned for meetings the first part of this year. By the time we came to your class, we had already planned to see the sub-sectors or industry captains. After attending your course, Noma and I knew we were on to ground breaking stuff and we went to meet with the stakeholders. It was amazing how the engagement session went. Outstanding work indeed! The chairperson of the Board and owner of the company came to the meeting with the MD and all key executives and we had such a blast for the benefit of transport industry. Thank you for affirming through your course the work we do! I truly appreciate it! It is definite must for most executives.


It’s always so refreshing to sit and learn under someone who knows what they’re talking about!! Yesterday’s workshop shifted many preconceived ideas I had on the importance and impact of effective marketing. It was different, fresh and very enlightening!!  Many, many thanks Deon.

Hilton Atkinson, Manager, External Stakeholder Relations, Corporate Affairs, Exxaro

I found the Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class very useful. Good to exchange ideas about the topic and important to interact with other players in the field, i.e. yourself and the peers who were on the course. I enjoyed your inputs which makes one re-assess and challenge the status quo in some areas.

Robyn-Lee Grove, Investor Relations & Corporate Marketing Manager, Communications, Afrox

I enjoyed the Stakeholder training very much. It started me thinking about the work that I do from the perspectives of all my stakeholders.

Ellen Chan, Senior Producer, Marcus Evans, Asia

“I have enjoyed working with Deon. He is a great trainer and expert in crisis and reputation management. He recently did a public training for me in the China market, all I received is excellent feedback from all the attendees.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

L. J. Mahlangu, Chairperson, Municipal Demarcation Board

The two days we spent on the course was probably the best investment of my time I have done in many years.  The course was extremely useful and the group was great. Thumbs up for the Community of Practice (Stakeholder Reputation Group on Linkedin)

Seakle Godschalk, (Pr. Sci.Nat.), Environmental & Sustainability Solutions

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your insightful and stimulating marketing workshop. It helped us to understand our challenges as small consultancy better but, more importantly, also the opportunities we have. We are inspired by the workshop and have already started implementing some of the ideas whilst others are still under consideration. The added value by pointing out project management tools such as Asana is also appreciated. We have now moved our project management to Asana, which is especially useful in our situation where we operate Pretoria and Johannesburg offices.

Chose Choeu, Director: Corporate Affairs, Eskom

“Deon has provided excellent service and support to our Stakeholder Management Division.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Janet Venter, PA to Theuns de Bruyn, Executive Vice President – Process Division, Lonmin

Deon, Ek wil net weereens dankie sê vir die stunning kursus wat jy aangebied het, ek het dit verbasend baie interresant gevind en kon iets huistoe vat wat ek wel kan gebruik in my werksplek.

Odoh Diego Okenyodo

Odoh wrote: “You’ve been an epitome of consistency and professionalism to younger PR practitioners like us. May you keep up the good work!”

Mathebula, Juliet JD [Juliet.Mathebula@standardbank.co.za]

The Stakeholder Reputation Course is a must for any communications, marketing, Human resource, project manager, organizations …the list goes on and on. It really gives one an edge when put what we have learned in practice.

I have applied this since coming back and I have seen an increase in my relationship with the specialists who support my projects inspired to act, I have increased my rapport with them, they are going an extra mile for me as I have focused on them not me. Some of the tools I already knew however I was not applying them intelligently. You have really opened my mind to think broadly and it reinforces better planning. It helps you to connect, create meaningful bonds as you will know what each stakeholder need to know – you share what they need to know, using the right media and at the right time. You are also able to anticipate possible areas of resistance/issues and deal them upfront.

If this is the only career investment I make this year, then the money is well spent.

Joseph George – http://in.linkedin.com/pub/joseph-george-anjilvelil/0/541/b84

Deon, Do rant once in a while. I find your thinking most valuable.

Ned Barnett, Las Vegas, Web: http://www.barnettmarcom.com. PR pro and founder of Barnett Marketing Communications, plus a novelist and author, and a historian (on History Channel)

Pro – What do Consultants bring to the Table? http://networkedblogs.com/bzLJo – I know the author, Deon Binneman – worth listening to!

Sharon Cunningham, Compliance Institute of South Africa

On behalf of Julie and the Compliance Institute South Africa, I would like to extend a very big thank you to you for presenting at our forum on 24 November 2010. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Warren Makgowe, Business Development Officer, UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership

The Stakeholder Reputation seminar was informative and empowering.

Lézel Kraamwinkel. Risk, Legal & Collections. Momentum Group Limited

Deon, I just want to compliment you- I enjoyed your presentation very much and you are an excellent speaker. Thank you for making it interesting.

Marjorie Dean, Communications Consultant, SATSA

Dear Deon, Thank you for this.  I found the workshop very valuable, especially your contribution as both lecturer and moderator.

Macneil Ncube, Project Manager (Public Relations and Corporate Communication Conference)

On behalf of Global Prospectus, I would like to thank you so much for participating at our conference as a Speaker. Your role will continue to be commended as you set yourself out and gave out the best presentation above expectations. This event will not have been a success without your contribution and to that we are forever indebted.

Ria Loubser, SAIMAS vice Executive President & Conference Organiser

Hi Deon, Hope you are well.  Please see attached letter and documents in terms of the results of the evaluation done by the delegates of your presentation of a workshop at the SAIMAS Conference on 22 October 2010.  You, together with another presenter, received the highest rating, congratulations!!

Lindy Bedborough, Marketing Director, Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA)                                

Dear Deon, Thank you so much once again for your excellent presentation at the ISMA conference. The delegates rated your talk highly as you provided food for thought and left them inspired.I appreciate your time and energy at the conference.

Andy Russell, Nuforms Media, New York

Excellent comments, Deon! It left me wanting to hear the next show – maybe the dissection of an actual case study would be interesting to hear next time. Keep them coming. [IMO, the other interviewee was a bit boring, but you carried the show.]

(Andy is referring to a radio interview I had with John Fraser of Classic FM Business. Please listen to my Radio interview on Reputation Risk – http://bit.ly/a4k2qp)

Matt Minahan has just left a comment on your network update:

Cool, Deon . . . You’ve said some things here that you’ve said on ODNet . . . that organizations can spend years building up a reputation, but it can take just a few seconds to lose it. And, the car guy was good, too. You sounded like a real pro. No surprise, of course, because you are! Matt”

Alan Hosking, Executive Editor, HR Future

Nice article (referring to my article on the news that Standard Bank will review costs which will result in layoffs, and my response:  Layoffs – The Reputable Way  https://deonbinneman.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/layoffs-the-reputable-way/)  – practical, sensible and not aggressively attacking or defending any one group, therefore even handed and, as I’m sure you intended, a highly credible piece. Well done!

Maria Ttappous, Services and Events Manager, The Institute of Internal Auditors SA

Thanks again as always for a great presentation!

Herman Krull, Standard Bank

“Deon is a well-known South African expert on Business and Stakeholder Reputational Risk Management. He has provided excellent consulting services on reputational risk to the Group Compliance function at The Standard Bank Group Ltd, which I previously headed. A major added-value dimension to his services is his wide knowledge of corporate management and business processes, as well as his thorough understanding of enterprise-wide risk management. I can recommend Deon’s services and expertise without any hesitation.”

Yolande Janse van Rensburg,  Manager Stakeholder Management, Urban Management – Region C, City of Johannesburg

Hello Deon, Thank you once again for the presentation yesterday and for being flexible on the costs. I have had only positive feedback from the staff. Even our tea lady this morning said “that man was good” which tells me that you reached all levels of staff.

Robin Cook, Organizational Development – Subject Matter Expert, Angarai International

“Deon has been a long time contributor to the OD Network listserve. He consistently posts some of the best content on the list – I believe that I’ve saved more of his posts than any other contributor. He is always willing to provide cogent guidance to the less experienced practitioners on the list & even one as experienced as I often finds his insight & experience enlightening.”

Ned Barnett, Owner, Barnett Marketing Communications, USA

“Deon is not only a brilliant strategist and effective practitioner, but he is generous with his time and insights. He shares those insights about reputation management (his expertise) with a large network of appreciative PR professionals (me included). He knows his stuff, and he knows how to “translate” that knowledge so that applies in all English-speaking countries, and not just in his home of South Africa. A great and honest practitioner and a particularly good guy!

Jonathan Bernstein, President, Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc, USA

“I know Deon as a skilled crisis management strategist and writer whose experience clearly adds great value to the work performed for any client.”

Paseka Rakosa, Manager: Communications, Marketing & Branding, Emfuleni Local Municipality

I must admit that it is very rare to meet a person of your calibre who does not only know his subject matter but also has passion and commitment to what he does.

Srinivasan K, Founder / President and CEO, Prime Point Foundation and Prime Point PR (P) Ltd, India

“I know Deon for many years as a fellow professional from South Africa. He is also the member of PR discussion groups managed by me. He is also helping me as International Editor of our corporate ezine PR-e-Sense. I have always admired his depth of knowledge on reputation management and reputation risk management. He is one of the few global professionals with deep knowledge on the domain.”

Sana-Ullah Bray, Group Secretary: Santam Limited

Dear Deon, Thanks for the Corporate Reputation workshop. Most informative! I have just included 1 or 2 slides on Reputation in my Corporate Governance presentation to the Board.

Mavuto Kapyepye, Mlambe Consulting Firm (MCF), OD & Social Development Consultants, Blantyre 9, Malawi

Thanks very much for getting in touch. I was one of the two facilitators at the NSJ Conference in Mozambique and I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful presentation which I found inspiring as an ambitious Malawian entrepreneur with an international outlook. I will visit the blog and would certainly be excited to share experiences with others.

Hal Newman, Managing Editor, Big Medicine, Managing Partner, Team EMS Inc.USA

“His ability to pull together real-world meaningful information in his newsletter ‘Powerlines’ is most excellent. If your quest involves finding wisdom on reputation protection, you need to read Powerlines.”

Seija Tyrninoksa; Country Representative for South Africa; International Red Cross Federation

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your inspiring Stakeholder Reputation course this week! The dynamism, the opportunities, the emphasis on the importance on careful research, friendly and caring approach for the care of various stakeholders – the summary of the framework you presented for addressing stakeholder management was all very relevant and confirmed my personal believes and practice in the past in relation to our stakeholders with whom we are working in our field.

Tshepo Mazibuko, Head: Stakeholder Relations Management, Group Corporate Affairs, Standard Bank Ltd

Thanks Deon! The session was superb, you were amazing & the participants were out of this world. Thank you once again for sharing with me your vast knowledge & experience in life in general & in particular, around stakeholder relations & management.

Malebo Modise, Standard Bank Corporate Affairs

Deon’s presentation helped me to sharpen my own perspective on certain issues in the stakeholder management field. Just thinking………I picked up on radio news this morning that about 100m illegal cigarettes enter SA each year and the revenue loss to SARS amounts to about R1.4b per annum. You will recall that Deon gave us an exercise on this and when I heard this on radio my mind went “stakeholder map, reputation and business risk, strategic partnerships, etc….”

Shirona Patel, Communications Manager, Advancement and Partnerships Division, Wits University

It certainly was a very fulfilling workshop where I obtained a comprehensive overview of stakeholder relations and its importance to organisations.

Lulama Hlongwane, CSI Manager, Engen Oil

I am much honored to have been a trainee in your Stakeholder Reputation Management Course and I came out enriched so much.

Dr. Amani Saidi, National Research Foundation

The Stakeholder Reputation course was extremely relevant to the stakeholder function, was well-structured and effectively delivered by the facilitator. The high level of people that attended, and the high level of class discussions enriched the course further, plus the course was competitively priced, such that it is greater value for money.

Fikile Kuhlase, General Manager: Transformation, The Banking Association, SA

My thoughts on the Stakeholder Reputation Workshop: “Inspiring! What an eye-opener… stakeholder management is not the preserve of the manager in charge but rather an integrated function that all should have responsibility for, that was my feedback to our MD. Its’ strategic importance is to be elevated in organizations. Brilliant learning opportunity. Equipped me with invaluable tools! Empowered by new terminology such as silositis, reputation drivers, stakeholder attributes, stakeholder models, universal principles of stakeholder management and the unpacking of the mission for stakeholder management etc… Loved your sense of humor, by the way what does GUAVA stand for? I need that for new terminology acquired. Your presentation layout is superb and user-friendly. I benefited immensely and would like to know what you suggest as follow-up training”.

Dr. Itah Kandgii Murangi, Dean of Students, University of Namibia

Deon, Allow me to thank you for putting us through such a wonderful Crisis Management training. I enjoyed every session of that course. And I mean that, really!  I am eager to get connected to some of those psychological newsletters and/ or websites you alluded to when I was there.  I am looking at how we can engage you to help us put out a truly “reputation builder and maintainer” kind of a Student Newsletter from our Office, the Office of the Dean of Students.

Richard Miller, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Deon, Thank you for your insight. It is most fruitful. I discovered many nuggets in your presentation which will place the JSE in a better position to weather storms that may befall us.

Padraig McKeon, Managing Director, Drury Communications, Ireland

“Deon’s continuous output as a thought leader in the field of communications and reputation management marks him out and I have regularly, even at a distance, found him to be both an insightful thinker and a great teacher.”

Eric Dom, Regional Compliance Officer (Africa), AIG South Africa & AIG Life SA

“Deon and Repucomm have a substantially sound reputation in the marketplace. Services like his are always in demand. Deon has worked closely with the Institute of Risk Management South Africa and several other SA companies. I have recommended Deon’s services to University of Johannesburg (Law faculty) as well as the Compliance Institute of SA.”

 Erik Bernstein, www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com

My name is Erik Bernstein; I am a freelance writer and SEO specialist for Bernstein Crisis Management. I wanted to do you the courtesy of informing you that we recently did a piece on your excellent Powerlines newsletter in our company blog at bernsteincrisismanagement.blogspot.com .

Bill LeGray, Re-educator and Independent Studies Consultant, USA / Re. Fresh Eyes Visioning and Strategies for Best Practices and Pathway Advice. May 18, 2009.”

“I became acquainted with Deon because of general ongoing dialog, and then because of our interpersonal exchanges within the Organizational Development Network Forum. Because I’ve acquired a great deal of respect for the “focus and practices” Deon has developed- relative to the importance of one’s image (as conveyed) and organizational reputations (as believed). I feel privileged to be “connected” with Deon in LinkedIn so that we may learn more from each other. I believe Deon’s particular OD “bent” provides a rare and extremely useful talent. I can identify only a handful of OD practitioners- so organized with useful information to share, and able to quickly present valuable thoughts for addressing current matters. Deon is one of the few, and therefore a very special colleague and resource for all of us.”

Peter Goslett, Executive Director, Institute of Credit Management

ICM CREDIT INDABA 2008 – On behalf of the Institute of Credit Management of South Africa and its Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation at out 2008 Credit Indaba. Your presentation with regards reputation was very well received by all the delegates and provided much food for thought. It certainly was well placed within the context of our conference and added value. We would like to maintain our relationship going forward, specifically with regards our regional committee functions during the balance of 2008.

Phil Mahlangu, Manager: Internal Communications, the Presidency of South Africa

It’s always so refreshing to be exposed to your unique style of writing and thought expression. I have escalated your mail to senior management for further perusal.

Richard Stone, Stone Junction Ltd

Hi Deon, I must confess, I subscribed to your newsletter about a year or so ago and I’ve been receiving it since then but rarely reading much of it.

However, one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2008 was to get rid of all of my SPAM. I’ve managed to do this, largely because the vast majority of it was things I had subscribed to but didn’t really want! The lack of SPAM has meant I can rationalize the e-mail I receive to do with my own field of public relations. I’ve been reading and either un-subscribing from or paying real attention to each e-mail of this kind.

I’m going for quality and not quantity.  Anyway, as a result of this reduction in mail, I was actually able to pay attention to and read your newsletter this morning. And it was extremely worthwhile and interesting.

So, as a long subscribed but only newly converted reader, thanks. There is some really interesting and thought provoking stuff in here.

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