I provide a number of specific facilitation & training services, as follows:

Experienced and Competent Facilitation

I often facilitate Board & Senior Management sessions at conferences, strategic planning sessions and issue based meetings and similar events based on client needs and expectations.

Over the past 30 years I have developed a reputation for my win-win approach that I take when working with professional conference organizers. After all, both parties, reputation matters!

While I can be entertaining in speaking situations, my goal as a facilitator or seminar leader is generally focused on helping participants reach consensus on key organizational issues, then develop broad-brush plans for meeting those issues, based on their now-shared vision and understanding.

These events can run anywhere from a half-day to two days to a long weekend – this can depend upon the organization’s needs, budget and priority.  Often, I’ll develop information in advance of the event to provide the participants with new insights intended to challenge and excite them.

In all cases, my objective is to engage the participants, and help them find their way through confusion and competing interests toward consensus and a commitment to the future and reputation of the organization.

Training Services:

Tailored Seminars/Courses – This training includes management overviews, 3 hour learning units, one day condensed programs and two day training seminars. Just click on the individual programs to view the content.

Training Materials – Instructional guides, checklists and questionnaires aimed at reputation building and protection

Custom Designed Training Services

Being an experienced training designer, developer and facilitator, I can design and deliver training courses in support of client reputation management objectives.

Over the years I have developed and facilitated more than 50 training courses ranging from Advanced Management Development programs to Customer service specific training. Just ask me, and I will tell you if I can help.

All programs are internationally bench marked, updated with latest information, fast-moving, effective and based on the NQF outcomes model.

I take a systemic view to course development. so training Seminars and workshops are designed for Executives and General Managers, not only for PR & Marketing executives, and draws heavily from a variety of disciplines including existing reputation management research, management strategy, marketing, knowledge management, PR, investment & finance, corporate governance, sustainability, ethics, communication, human relations and accounting.

Throughout all the courses, there are feedback and breakout sessions, the use of real life case studies, model scenarios, application and analysis tools to ensure interaction and practical solutions delivered at the highest level.

For more information on my training services, e-mail


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