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Upcoming Training Courses – Dates for the rest of 2011

I offer specialised multi-disciplinary training courses and workshops for Corporate Affairs, PR & Communication, Stakeholder managers & OD practitioners and teams. I work in-house with Leaders, Executives, The Board and staff based on need, as well as consultants and professionals who want to build a reputation in an interconnected knowledge economy.

I am currently offering an Early Bird Special booking discount for all courses starting in July – valid until the 10th June. Now is the time to diarise these dates and up your game. Book online by clicking on the links or e-mail for a registration form.

Here are the dates for my public training courses:

Stakeholder Reputation Management Master Class

• 21 – 22 July
• 22 – 23 September
• 24 – 25 November

Reputation Risk Management Master Class

• 5 – 6 July
• 6 – 7 October
• 5 – 6 December

Strategic Employee Stakeholder Engagement

• 13 – 14 June
• 18 – 19 August

Marketing a Professional Practice

• 24 June
• 26 August
• 27 September
• 4 November

Other programs for in-house teams include Product Recall Crisis Management, Media Survival Skills, Crisis Management & Crisis Communication for Reputation Protection and Transforming Organizational Thinking Patterns.

2010: Not a Good Year for Some Companies

Have you ever played the Name Recall Game?

You know the one where I mention a company’s name and you mention the first thing that comes up in your mind, whether visual, auditory or kinestethic (feelings) based.

This exercise basically deals with the Emotional Appeal driver in reputation surveys.

If you hear a company’s name , do you respect it and trust it?

The Year 2010 was a not a good year for many companies but it does illustrate how important it is to manage company’s reputation.

Read this article to see some of those names:

BBC News – 2010: A year some companies would rather forget


Brochure for the Reputation Defence Masterclass

I have uploaded the Reputation Defence Masterclass brochure and registration form to my blog for ease of access.

Just visit the link:

What: Reputation Defence Masterclass (Reputation Risk Mitigation)
This two-day Johannesburg-based Masterclass provides comprehensive and practical coverage of all aspects of implementing reputation risk management & protection frameworks and is based on more than 25 years research and experience on how to protect business reputations. It offers not only international best practices but also covers the requirements of some of the principles in the new draft King Code 3 on Corporate Governance, especially “Principle 4.14: The board should ensure that the company’s reputational risk is protected”
When: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 8:00 AM to Thursday, June 11, 2009 5:00 PM
Where: Hotel Apollo

Corner of Bram Fischer Drive and Republic Road, Randburg
Johannesburg, Gauteng 2118   South Africa

If you scroll down the page, you just have to click on the two links, to observe a detailed brochure outlining the programme for each day as well as the registration details. Should you be interested in saving R800, then access the registration form now and make use of the Early Bird option.

I look forward in meeting you and sharing the ways and means to protect your organisation’s biggest asset and risk in today’s knowledge economy.

Please share this information with other colleagues who might benefit from this exposure. Remember Knowledge only becomes Power once it is shared. Your assistance in this regard will be much appreciated.